85 Ways to Prepare for Moving Day Guide


  1. Call Stacey's.
  2. Notify Post Office of change of address
  3. Notify Utilities and Telephone when to discontinue service.
  4. Make arrangements well in advance for all services of your new home. Remember telephone connections take time.
  5. Make moving arrangements as far ahead as possible in order to schedule at your convenience.
  6. If moving in cold weather, articles subject to freezing should not be shipped via moving van unless it is on the climate control service.
  7. Carry with you currency, jewellery and valuable papers.Movers will not accept responsibility for articles of extraordinary value.
  8. Arrange to have stove disconnected. Automatic washers and dryers should be disconnected and serviced before moving.We can arrange this for you.
  9. Arrange to have cable TV or aerial discontinued.
  10. Unless credit has been arranged, your mover will require certified cheque, cash or money order on delivery.
  11. Be sure to notify Bureau of Vehicle Registration of change of address.
  12. Notify doctor, dentist and federal family allowances.
  13. Notify school authorities in order that they may forward your children's school records to new school.
  14. Whenever possible, try to move at times other than at the beginning and end of month, when all movers are busiest
  15. If you wish to do your own packing, we will gladly arrange to supply you with proper cartons at a reasonable cost and a free pamphlet with tips on packing.
  16. Obtain letters of introduction from your church minister, organizations and club presidents.
  17. Before moving, arrange to have all items being cleaned, repaired or stored returned to you.
  18. Have utility companies read your meters.
  19. Notify magazine publishers as far in advance as possible ofyour new address.
  20. Arrange to transfer your bank account to your new location.
  21. If you are moving into a new home is a new subdivision, check that driveway and roads are accessible to the moving van.
  22. Take a telephone book with you, it will come in handy for checking addresses etc.
  23. Dispose of flammables such as matches, lighter fluids and gasoline.
  24. Do not overload drawers when packing items in dressers, etc.
  25. Liguids in bottles should have tops securely fastened.
  26. We do not recommend moving bottles of ink.
  27. Use sturdy containers for packing. It is preferable to have lids on containers.
  28. Identify contents of each carton packed and make a master list for ease in unpacking
  29. Never pack articles above to of containers.
  30. Phonograph records should be packed on edge in upright position.
  31. Blankets and bedspreads are best moved in large cartons.
  32. Towels and pillows may be packed in dresser drawers.
  33. Small mirrors and pictures with ordinary frames may be placed in dressers drawers with the glass taped and protected.
  34. We suggest large mirrors, glass table tops and valued paintings be crated by the movers.
  35. Cartons should weigh not more than 50 to 60 pounds.
  36. All cartons should be taped or tied securely with twine.
  37. Fragile stickers on cartons will alert you and the Moving company to give special care to these containers.
  38. Pack lampshades in cartons by themselves.
  39. Do not wrap books, lampshades or linens in printed newsprint. The print will rub off. We supply you with proper packing material.
  40. Do not pack cleaning compounds, soap, furniture polishes or medicines in same carton with groceries, even if sealed.
  41. Do not pack irons, or kitchenware in the same container with china or crystal.
  42. Do not leave trays, etc., loose in refrigerator or stove.
  43. All packing materials and articles should be clean.
  44. Keep packing material together: do not allow it to become scattered throughout the house.
  45. Do not touch lampshades covering, handle frame only.
  46. Do not pack heavy articles on top of soft ones such as shoes.
  47. Small appliances such as toasters, waffle irons, radios etc. should be wrapped individually and packed firmly in the bottom of a box or carton.
  48. Table lamps, floor lamp bowls should be packed. Remove all light bulbs and pack separately.
  49. Small clocks should be packed. Valuable Grandfather Clocks should be prepared for shipment by a jeweller.
  50. In packing china, Place heavy pieces on the bottom of container. All flat pieces should be placed on edge.
  51. Small items such as salt and pepper shakers should be taped and packed in a small box inside a larger container.
  52. When marking cartons, we suggest you mark top or sides for easy identification and list content on all sides.
  53. If you plan to do your own packing, start well in advance of moving day. This avoids the last the last minute packing rush and strain. Start with the least used items.
  54. You can use clean tea towels or tissue to pack lampshades and avoid soiling.
  55. If you desire to store all or part of your goods, notify Stacey's Moving so arrangements can be made.
  56. If storing your goods, inspect the warehouse facilities of Stacey's Moving. We offer the finest in safe storage.
  57. When storing advise our warehouse of any items that you may want access to, in order that these pieces may be kept forward in the storage pallets.
  58. Stacey's Moving will always roll rugs correctly.
  59. Dismantling and setting up of beds is part of Stacey's service.
  60. Wardrobes are available to hang your suits and dresses full length in transit, as they so in your closet.
  61. Go through the house with the van foreman when he comes to your home, giving any specials instructions you inay have.
  62. Advise van drivers where you may be contacted while your goods are in transit.
  63. On moving day check attic, basement and garage to make sure all wanted items are taken on the van.
  64. Shipment of frozen foods and plants can be arranged.
  65. Wardrobes are ideal for moving drapes. They are spread out, folded, placed on hangers and pinned below the hangers so they will not slip off. It is also a good idea to have them cleaned before moving.
  66. Furniture that is extremely fragile or valuable may require crating for safe shipment and special transit protection.
  67. Check the reputation of your moving company. This is most important as you are entrusting them with your valued and often irreplaceable possessions. Understand replacement cost protection.
  68. Get estimates and promises in writing. Stacey's will be pleased to confirm all aspects of our services by letter.
  69. Tie brooms, mop handles and curtain rods in bundles.
  70. Dispose of oily mops and rags.
  71. Do not roll mattresses. Leave these for the movers to put in special cartons.
  72. Make a floor plan of your new home. This will assist greatly in determining where to have the movers place your furniture when it is unloaded from the moving van.
  73. Any items such as luggage, that you are not including in the goods to be moved should be kept separate, so they will not be moved in error.
  74. It is not necessary to empty dresser drawers. Remove all fragile and heavy items and all liquids.
  75. Local moving rates are on an hourly basis. In local moving it is not the rate per hour that is important, but the number of hours taken by the movers. Stacey's experienced personnel can reduce moving time to a minimum.
  76. If a claim should arise, report it to Stacey's Moving as soon as possible by phone or letter in order that we may take prompt action to assure satisfactory settlement.
  77. Advise the driver of any articles you may require first in your new home, so that they may be loaded accordingly.
  78. Leave furniture as it presently is in your home. Our trained crews can load your effects faster and easier this way, than if it is placed in one room.
  79. Do not wrap with paper or cloth, or use rope or twine on any articles of furniture.
  80. Linoleum can be moved but not without danger of cracking,Movers will accept no responsibility for linoleum.
  81. Power tools such as lathes, saws and grinders should be dismantled for safe moving.
  82. Defrost and clean your refrigerator and stove the day before moving.
  83. If required, we can provide you with information or arrange to transport pets and plants.
  84. Ensure items such as outboard motors and power mower are drained of fuel and oil.
  85. Any fixtures to the wall such as Drapery tracks etc., should be taken down for the movers. Pack the hardware together in a bag for easy assembly at destination.